Darren Atkins Midlands Series Leader
Darren Atkins Midlands Series Leader

One thing for sure Cyclo Cross riders are a tough breed, none more than former National Champion Team Jewson M. I. Racing Thule, rider Steve Knight who has been racing for over 25 years at the top level, showed why he has been up there for so long, when he battled his way to victory in deep snow at Newport (Shrops) on Sunday, clearly outclassing the rest of the riders in the Midland series event.

Starting 1 minute behind the Midlands best Senior riders, Veteran Steve, left everyone well behind and only had 1 Senior rider just ahead by the time he had finished.

Knight and team mate Darren Atkins are scrapping for first place in the Midland series, and with Atkins now retired for the season, Knight will be pushing hard to grab the Championship which ever way it goes, Team Jewson will have first and second in the series, Another victory for the British Champions.

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