Josh Teasdale

Josh Teasdale, from Stockton on Tees is the fastest ever 16 yr old rider over 50 mls—1-51-51, also very strong road rider, now 17 yrs old.—2nd season with team–winner 2010 GHS Nat 10 Champs and 3rd in season long Rudy Project Junior series.

Rob Yeatman, 17 yrs old –from Chipping Norton, lives only 1 ml away from where Mick Ives lived as a young lad—did 20-51 as a 15 yr old for 10  ls, fastest 25 is 53-55—National Champion for 13 and 14 yr olds at 10 and 25 mls

Hugh Carthy—17 yrs old -from Preston—NLTTA Junior BAR Champion—6th in Alp D, Huez Race 2010—6th Youth Tour of Assen ( Holland )—British School National T.T.Champion.—7 CTT Gold Medals over 25 mls and Hill Climb—Winner of over 150 Circuit Races since 2002.

James Locker—from Lapworth nr Hockley Heath—very talented 16 yr old rider on Road , Track and Time Trials, with experience abroard.

Shaun Teasdale has offered to Co Ordinate the Junior riders

They aim to compete in all the National Time Trials  Championship up to 50 mls, and possibly Nat Team T.T. Champs–+ Nat Junior Road Race series, and Nat Champs , and hopefully Nat Hill Climb Champs


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