Today I was invited to meet the Chairman Don Parry and BMCR Chairman   Nigel Byrne of the “British  Masters Cycle Racing  Ass”. formally the
L.V.R.C. not knowing what to expect.

Imagine my surprise when they awarded me “Life Membership of the
B.M.C.R” – The first person to receive this honour!

The B.M.C.R. is a Cycling Organisation formed in 1986 under the name of  The League of Veteran Racing Cyclists to cater for the cycling needs of
riders over the age of 40 with an emphasis on Road Racing but later to
included all forms of Cycle Racing and Social activities.

Last year I resigned as an Exc. Committee member after serving that
position for 20 years, and also the Directorship after a 10 year period, but
still remained a member of the Association and a licence holder giving
someone else a chance.

The award was made in recognition of the work I had done over many years and my commitment towards the sport I love.

This is the 3rd Life Membership I now have having been awarded Life
Membership of Coventry Cycling Club in the 60’s and Coventry Olympic C.C.
in the 80’s.

I will continue to help and support the sport especially the Veteran Class
in every way I can; a sport that I have been involved in since joining the
Warwick Cycling Club in 1956. A sport that has taken me around the world, winning 8 World Masters Cycling Championships and 81 British Cycling Championships, including a British Professional Championship and representing Great Britain at Road Racing–Track–Mt Bike and Cyclo Cross at International level and victories in every discipline of the sport.

Awards like this make it all worth while especially being the 1st to
receive this award.

I would like to thank all those who have made it possible.

Mick Ives.–Owner/Director Team M.I.Racing.

P.S. I have not retired yet.

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