Coventry’s Mick Ives made Cycling history again , when he won the LVRC National Road Race Championships for riders 75 and over, on Sunday.

Ives who lives in Baginton , and is the Owner and Director of one of the U.K.’s most successful Cycle Racing squads ,”Team Jewson–M.I.Racing–Polypipe”—— practices what he preaches.  The 7 times World Masters Cycling Champion–took his total of British Cycling Championships to 78, –( no other male rider has ever won that many British Championships ) –over the very tough hilly 40 mile course around Napton, Priors Marston and Staverton, on Sunday , defying Gale Force Winds, driving Rain , and flooded roads, with some of the hillier sections looking more like raging streams.–certainly as race for “ Tough Guys “.  Riding in the Race that incorporated both the 70-74 age group and the 75 and over, Mick finished 7th overall and was a very clear winner of the 75 age group, beating his team mate Derrick Woodings , –Woodings and Ives were team mates for 8 years as Professionals in the Bantel team , and rode events such as Tour of Luxemburg  against the worlds leading riders, they have been riding together again as veterans for M.I.Racing for the past 12 years,  –a formidable combination– Woodings is the current UCI World Masters Track Champion  but was finally dropped by Mick   2 miles from the finish.–Mick hopes to take the total to 80 by the end of the year , as he has 3 more British Championships to contest.

The Championships were organized by Mike Twelves of Team M.I.Racing, and Sponsored by Jewson.

 Not so good for Team Jewson– rider Howard Baker, riding in the 65+ Championship, his first race of the season–he hit a Pot Hole in the road, after just ½ mile into his race, which caused him to crash and take out several other riders , resulting in Baker being taken to Warwick Hospital ,following wounds to the Face.

 Action Photo taken at the Championships attached , shows Ives leading team mate Derrick Wooding with 12 miles to go

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