We once again provided winners in different disciplines of the sport at different venues.  British Champion and former Professional Mike Twelves ripped the race apart when he contested the LVRC Road Race over 55 miles at Sibthorpe in Nottinghamshire.  A group of 15 riders including Twelves and Team Mate Jon Stevenson broke clear of the main field within the first few miles, never to be seen again by the main field.  With 2 laps to go Twelves put in a strong attack and only 1 rider could go with him.  In the space of just 10 miles they put a gap of 5 minutes into the chasers, with Twelves easily winning the sprint finish to score his 5th Road Race victory this season—more than any other local Road Race Rider.  Jon Stevenson won the sprint for 3rd place and Derrick Woodings won the race for riders 70 +.

Not so lucky for Teammate Mike Allan who was in cracking form and recently set a British record for the fastest ever 10 mile time trial for riders 67 and over- as he was involved in crash approaching the finish of his race, where most of the field came down.  This resulted in a broken shoulder and 2 broken ribs for Allan who was preparing for the World Masters Track Championships in Manchester, hoping to improve on his Silver Medal of 12 months ago.  Last year he was hit from behind by a Lorry that failed to stop whilst out training, resulting in a broken Collar Bone that needed plating, and was out of competition for several weeks.

Twelves finished in 3rd place in Thursdays Evening Circuit Race at Mallory Park, riding against riders over 3o years younger.  It was an impressive performance.

Kirby Bennett won the Friday night Summer season Mountain Bike series on Friday Evening at Mallory Park, Leicestershire and has obtained the maximum number of points (600) to win the series without even riding the final event.

Team mates Peter Busby finished 2nd and Tim Stowe in 3rd with Busby  now finishing 2nd overall and providing Stowe puts in a good performance in the final event, should take 3rd overall—making it a 1, 2,3 for the Coventry Team

Then on Sunday Bennett finished 2nd behind former Professional and World Cup winner Tim Gould in the final round of the Midland Mountain Bike series held at Dumaston, Shropshire.  Team mate Stowe finished 4th and Pete Busby 5th.  Bennett has finished the series in 2nd place to Gould, with Busby 3rd and Stowe 4th.

Speedy youngster 22year old Jonathan Wears kept the Teams colours to the fore when he competed in the  R.T.S. Sport 10 mile Time Trial at Wolvey near Hinckley, with a brilliant time of 20 mins 52 secs.  Thhe course will be used for the British Championships in 3 weeks time.

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