Team Jewson–M.I.Racing–Polypipe British Veteran Cyclo Cross Champion , Phil Roach , was in devastating form at Mallory Park on Sunday.

Roach had helped with the Course preparation on Friday ,Saturdsay and even Sunday morning , before riding his race–It was to be a race of frustration for Phil, –As it was the final round of the Midland series,–a series which he has not targeted this season –he was using the race as a training event, in preparation for the forthcoming World Championships in Switzerland.

Having punctured on his warming up lap, Phil was reduce to 1 Bike, –Storming into the lead from the word GO–he had over 300mets lead after the first lap , then the puncture bug struck again , and he was force to run to his Car in the Car Park, and then had to find the person who was looking after his Car Keys, eventually he got another  rear wheel  and fitted it to the Bike, and rejoined the course , almost last of the 80+ field, , soon he was up into the top 20 , and then another stop in the Pits to change the rear wheel again , , from then on , it was all about seeing how fast he could go and how many riders he could catch–By the finish –only Mick Davies was in front, by just a few seconds–Davies finished 3rd to Roach in last seasons British Championships, which give some idea as to his performance.–Photo of Phill Roach attached

At the end of the day, Roach was disqualified , because he left the course to fit another wheel, but that didn’t worry Phil–he got what he set out to get –“ A brilliant work out for events to come “

When Roach had his first puncture–it left his team mate Peter Busby in the lead for several laps, –Busby who only returned for Snow Boarding in France , the day before , finally finished in 3rd place.

 Team Jewson’s Phil Blacker–was suffering from signs of Flu, and did not make the start in the Veterans 40+ race, but it didn’t matter , as Blacker having amassed enough points throughout the season , to be crowned Midland Cyclo Cross series Champion –Veterans –for 2nd year running–a great achievement.

Blackers team mate –the very popular Steve Knight, kept the Team Jewson colours flying with 2nd place behind Coventrys Darren Atkins.

 Coventry’s 5 times World Masters Cyclo Cross Champion –Mick Ives, has made some very interesting observations

The Midland CYclo Cross series is one of the most contested series in the UK, and has large attendances from the younger rides –riders 6–8 –10 and 12 years, both male and female.

At the other end of the scale–the Veteran Events   40+  and 50+ are receiving over 100 riders at most meetings. For both races.

But its in the middle where it is very worrying—In Sundays race only 6 Juniors started, and that has been the pattern for most of the season—The under 23 Cat , is not much better.

Something has to be done to correct this.

 Else where Team Jewson rider Mark James finished 2nd in the Bristol Cyclo Cross,  and Pete Smith finished 3rd in The London series at Redbridge.

Another great weekend for the Coventry based Team Jewson–M.I.Racing–Polypipe team

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