Steve Davies - 2011 National Cyclo Cross Trophy series winner

Coventry based Cycling Team Team Jewson M.I.Racing Thule C.N.P. Kinesis won its 7 th British Cycling Championship this season.

With 2 Team Championships and 1 Individual Cyclo Cross plus 3 Championships on the Track and 1 Mountain Bike when 50 yr old Steve Davies, the 2011 National 50 plus Cyclo Cross Champion, won the British Mountain Bike Championships for riders 50 plus , on the tough circuit in North Yorkshire. Davies won by over 2 mins, from the 2010 Champion and what is more remarkable is that it was only his 3rd ever Mt Bike race.

Davies came back into Cycling 2 seasons ago, after more than 20 yrs out of the sport, and joined up with his old team mate Mick Ives, the Team Director and Owner of Team Jewson-M.I.Racing—Team Boss ,Ives said –“Steve was always a great bike rider and won many races  in the early days with Coventry Olympic C C , including the British Junior Cross Champs. I saw what he was capable of in those days, and had no hesitation in offering him a place in my new team when I heard he was back on the bike, because I knew we would soon have another winner in our ranks, and so it has proved. Steve will now continue to ride the Road and Mt bike events during the summer, and then concentrate on retaining his Cyclo Cross title in Jan 2012, with the possibility of a title at the World Championships in America.-possibly with other members of the team.”

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